Movie Review – Her (2013)

Official Synopsis: A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Wow this movie managed to capture some occurrences of love that are difficult to communicate in typical romance films where we get distracted by the physical interaction between both characters. It explored what love really is and some of the limitations it has.

I enjoyed the contrast of how two beings can experience love, an issue that I tend to discuss with friends. Meanwhile it tackles how two people can love and be loved, but need the love they receive to be given in a specific way.

Some of the limitations discussed are those we place on ourselves. For example, in a particular moment one of our characters wants the love to be exclusive but it becomes difficult for another to understand. Those are the types of dichotomies experienced in our current state of romantic affairs. Yet many people refuse to voice their opinions in pure form for fear of judgement.

The film also explored some issues that plague our current social culture. You would see our main character traverse streets, trains, and other social venues while the crowd around him all stares down lost in the void of their personal handheld device. Is that where we are headed? Some of the situations presented are akin to experiences between people who have long distance relationships nowadays with the aid of technology. On top of that, the reactions from other characters to the relationship are extremely similar to how people react to long distance e-romance in real life. Very little is taboo when the film explores themes of intimacy, exclusivity, and the sense of existence. It does an exemplary job dealing with the ideas it presents, and approaches them honestly and respectfully; even in the most uncomfortable moments.d

At the end of the day the film manages to propose a plausible future, where the technology presented is not that far-fetched. As a viewer I felt like they never shied away from the difficult themes to explore or the questions raised by the possibilities of this future. Joaquin Phoenix and the amazing voice acting by Scarlett Johansson make me believe every minute of the relationship embodied on film. A must watch.

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pratt

Directed by: Spike Jonze

MPAA Rating: R for language, sexual content and brief graphic nudity

Run Time: 126 min.


A Sample of True Kindness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

We are typically used to hearing of a stranger lending another money, or an umbrella, or picking up something that you dropped, maybe even letting you cut in while in traffic. <—— Yeah that last one, I’m doubtful if that ever happens in real life

This story is not the sort. Not as simple in the least. I remember one true incident of kindness in my life, and it happened when I moved to Kentucky for an internship. It was legitimately difficult, as I’m sure is expected by the hosts of the Southwestern Advantage Experience. For the next summer vacation I would be marketting, selling, and doing accounting for these educational products. What a blast. 😐

That’s just the background though. Part of the internship/leadership building experienced was managing to find somewhere to live. We could rent with our earnings and so on or find another living arrangement. We decided to ask locals to help us out. Not such a great idea for 2 semi tall black guys and one white american all up in Kentucky riding in a car with Florida tags. To be honest, I wouldn’t even have let myself in the door.

Somehow after knocking on many doors and getting a couple of slams and no’s! one person offered to take care of us.

Let’s call her Cammy. The best second mom I have ever had. She opened her door not only to me but to my teammates as well. Now she had 3 guys and her own high school senior living under her roof. That summer, I learned more than enough about myself, but also that people can be truly kind in this day and age.

This Week So Far

Diet could be better, mood is great, week is happening in a way I can´t explain, so I´m enjoying the ride.

Monday I worked out. It was rather grueling. I need to go back. So I attempted to bench 135 lb again. I was actually successful but part of what makes it scary or makes me not try as much is that I need spotter. I´m not so confident in my strength when it comes to chest and shoulder exercises because my arms aren´t crazy strong yet, and my right shoulder locks up every now and then.

Contrary to what most people do for their workouts for a day I kinda just jump on anything that´s free, while listening to my body for it to tell me what comes next. It´s difficult for me to  do a consistent workout routine. So my workout monday consisted of:

  • Push Ups
  • Benchpress
  • Iso Lateral Bench Presses
  • Inclined Bench Presses
  • Standing Shoulder Presses
  • Trap Bar Deadlifts

Um what? Yeah I did say trap bar deadlifts. I had never seen the bar in the gym before so I decided to take it for a spin. Loaded it with 180 plus the weight of the bar itself and went to town. It actually feels rather good to have your shoulders, back and chest all sore at the same time. Part of the reason I felt like I had to do deadlifts is because I´ve been spending too much time sitting or in front of a computer, because of that sometimes my lower back feels kinda weak, and it starts hurting. So I figured why not rough it up a little and make it hurt for a good cause.

Just finished reading Maze Runner, what a crazy book. I seriously didn´t expect it to be this good. Specially not with the type of writing the author uses. Yet this particular author has exceptional skills when it comes to story telling. Make sure you come check my review of the book soon. I was mad excited because my friend Holly actually agreed to read it with me. It seems like something impossible to find someone to do that with these days (I havent really tried, but really, who wants to read books together… besides apparently Holly and I).

On the blog side of things… Daaaamn son! I hit some ridiculous milestones in the last couple of days. First March turned into the first month that I got over 500 views. Then right after that… booom! I beat all those views in one day on April 1st with about 793 views in one day. What? Insanity.. but I was on a writers high for a bit. I guess it was just one of those days, but it felt really exciting to have that many people check out my gaming blog.

Well, Hopefully I can keep on writing on this one steadily and it will eventually grow as has the gaming blog.


Last Week’s Chest Day Workout

I’ve definitely been slacking with my gym going. I will be trying to get back. I went on Thursday and I must say, my muscles are torn. Although light weight this is more or less what the work out looked like.

Bench Press and Dumbbell Press Superset

Bench Press

  • 95 lb x 10
  • 95 lb x 10
  • 105 lb x 10
  • 115 lb x 5
  • 115 lb x 6
  • 115 lb x 7
  • 115 lb x 7
  • 115 lb x 6

Dumbbell Press

  • 15 lbs x 12
  • 15 lbs x 10
  • 15 lbs x 10
  • 15 lbs x 10
  • 15 lbs x 10
  • 15 lbs x 10
  • 20 lbs x 10
  • 20 lbs x 6

15 Push-Ups

Incline Bench Press

  • 95 lbs x 7 (Then my muscles just failed, they didn’t want to move anymore, so I changed movement)

Tricep Pushdowns

  • 40 lbs x 10
  • 40 lbs x 10
  • 40 lbs x 7

Seated Chest Fly (Cable Machine)

  • 100 lbs x 10
  • 100 lbs x 10
  • 100 lbs x 10

2 Min against the punching bag. My left hand sucks at punching. I almost injured my wrist, need to get a grip on that.

This felt like a good workout, I’m still sore (Sunday) but it was damn good. I will try to go to the gym again tomorrow, need to build that discipline again. I’m slacking because of work and school, but that’s just a lame excuse.

3/23/2014 Life Update

Wow I haven’t posted on the blog for a while. I guess maybe focusing on one blog is a lot easier, specially when my gaming site has one specific topic/community.

That aside, I feel really strongly about young people industrious and trying to go against a system that trains us to be laborers, while attempting to do their own thing, in this case run their own business. Last week I found out that my friend Stef B. was opening her own business, a hair salon with some smaller services attached. I promptly volunteered to go to her place and helped her hook it up. Installing TVs, sweeping, putting up furniture.

I felt really good volunteering some of my energy to a purpose outside of myself. Specially a new business, at the same time it really served as a great opportunity to learn from someone who is really doing it live; something I truly value.

On the other hand with work I am trying to do so much, I feel like there is not enough time in the day to get all my tasks and little self missions done. One thing I started was a small blog for my class. I posted some pretty good material, but I don’t know if my students have checked it out. I hope they do, it’s really helpful stuff.

At school I am having a difficult time assimilating to the education in Panama. Education here really sucks, the professors see students as their competition, so logically they don’t want to prepare you as best as they can. How could they, they don’t get paid enough as engineers or professors. I can’t wait to move out of this foolishness. It’s a little frustrating when you are paying for an education and no one is giving you any of that.

Yesterday I started reading Maze Runner, I’m on page 45. I will make sure I post a review when I’m done. It’s so good so far, and really short. If you are a fan or you really liked Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, or Lord of the Flies this seems like it will be a really good book for you, and it is also getting turned into a motion picture soon.

Anyways today I posted a small video about my small vacation to Bocas del Toro about two weeks ago. It was awesome but too short. Now I’m back to the same ole same ole.

2/17/2014 My Day in a Nutshell

So.. education in my university sucks, every one cheats.

I try not to but in order to not antagonize I might help other’s out, that’s still facilitating cheating.

The professor walks out of the classroom on purpose multiple times during the exam.

Oh and did I mention the professor hand-wrote the exam 15 minutes before coming late to class? Maybe he knew that his exam was unbeatable without cheating.

Still I managed to finish that exam without cheating, or asking for other’s assistance, and not feeling like I failed. Feeling like it was a good day.

Also my aunt let me take a power nap in her office before I headed to school for the test. Thanks aunt, you are awesome!

Yesterday, Didn’t Do Much

Yesterday I didn’t really do much. What I did do though was watch Ender’s Game (2013) and that inspired me to start reading the book. I knew about the book ever since the 9th grade, when inside my literature textbook, I stumbled onto the short story that inspired it. I had never felt inspired to read it, but after seeing how great the movie was, I couldn’t help myself.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Now on pag. 69 (tehehe) I can’t help but want to continue. The book is not that long. It lends itself to fast reading. The movie followed a lot of the content in the book, which is very surprising. It only has around 200 pages on my version. So I should be finishing soon. Another part of the inspiration was that it’s a military-recommended read for some branches. I do want to work for the Air Force one day. Review of the book and movie coming soon.

Also yesterday I played The Plan for the first time. I love how these Indie Games are getting more and more creative with how they communicate their story and their meaning to the end user. It was definitely a memorable experience, full of wonder and thought. You can read my short review here.

Sigh.. I am mad tired. Working this new job is exhausting. I leave the house everyday at 5am and don’t come back until 10pm or 11pm. Wish I could make money blogging instead. But that is just a dream at this time.

Thanks for liking my stuff. Have a nice day.