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There’s something to be excited about

Well despite everything. At least I managed to post a video on YouTube the other day. I’m still celebrating that. 🙂


A Little Bit Annoyed With Self

Missed my run today. Who would have guessed. I took an impromptu “nap” and then couldn’t wake up in time. Or actually let’s just say I didn’t wake up with the feeling, because to be honest time is never really an excuse for something you want to do. Evidence? It’s almost 2 a.m. and I’m writing this post.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make up for it by running a bit more than what was planned. I mean I am only supposed to meet 19 miles this week. Of which I have already hit almost 4. 5 days to go, 15 miles to go; I can make this happen.

Also still stressed about general life issues. Man, those things don’t really help your other goals.

I Don’t Even Know

So in these last weeks lots have happened. Having this new phone has allowed me to document everything better.

It started with a little running about a week ago. This last weekend I actually participated in my first official 5K. That was crazy exciting. (Read: I’m currently proceeding to getting addicted” 

I finished successfully and with a time which was not too awful for someone just beginning. This served as crazy encouragement to keep it up. So today, Monday I ran again. 

Not bad at all. I will get better. I’ve been struggling with a few things in mind these last few weeks and working out plus running have been my distraction de-stressing activities. I’m thinking about registering for another 5K in about 3 weeks. Let’s see why actually happens. 

Was trying to encourage someone I love to start a YouTube channel or blog. Their life is much more exciting than mine so I think people would appreciate lots. What do you feel is better? Or what would be the perfect balance between the two?

Let me know what you think and more. 

Hit me up on: Instagram and Twitter. Boom! Let’s grow.

I already feel a bit older

It’s been almost a week past my birthday on April 17. How did I spend it? You ask. I went to Bogotá, Colombia with someone I truly love and value.

On the way back I had some time to reflect on what I want for my life and what I’m doing to make that happen. Lately it feels like not much but that’s destined to change. I will work hard to make sure it happens.

I can feel the age in my body and I don’t like it. Workouts are getting harder, I’m sleepy, and I’ve dealt with many medical situations this last year – mostly physical injury. How do we overcome this. I don’t know but one thing is true; I will accept it as a truth and learn to work through it. That phrase I’d like to coin.

Downloaded two apps this week I’d highly recommend: Nike+ Running and Anchor. More on them later.

Did my first run this morning before work. I was too tired too soon but I ran for 20 min and that was the goal.

Always set up achievable goals.

Counteracted all that workout once my coworkers took me to Mama Rosa for pizza. It was delicious.


Way to celebrate. I want abs; I don’t see how this helps. Have a great day. Hit me up on: Instagram and Twitter. Boom! Let’s grow.

Movie Review – A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Wow.. just wow. Just finished watching A Scanner Darkly. This movie was on my To Watch List for the longest. Glad I got a chance to check it off. I haven’t written for a while, have just been busy, still am. This film deserves a review though. Now I wish I had read the book before beginning the movie, but there’s always time for that later.

Downey Scanner

Consider that the novel by the same title was published in 1977. The movie is set in a near future dystopian California. The population is constantly under high tech surveillance by the government, people have become addicted to a new drug by the name Substance D (Slow Death, Death). We have our main character Bob Arctor, who lives a double life as an undercover cop code named Fred. He is tasked with being part of the force investigating the drug ring that is manufacturing, amassing, and distributing the new drug. He gets hooked on the drug.

There is where the mind eff begins, and that is all I can discuss without breaking the experience for you.

Although animated the tone is dark enough for it to still be obviously aimed at adults. This is a film that would have to watch more than once. For one it is told in a somewhat incoherent way and the ending will raise a few questions. You need time to reason and interpret and catch some of the nuances that most likely you missed on your first sitting.

The incoherent way in which the film progresses along with the particular visual style played the perfect role telling a story about drugs. The rotoscope animation (almost looking like a comic book) made the film feel rather trippy, and sets the mood; It was visually mesmerizing, almost over stimulating. This definitely helped me perceive the feelings the characters might have been experiencing, without the usage of the typical cheap camera blurs to mirror grogginess and drug effects. The film stars involved, mainly Robert Downey Jr., played their parts to a T, making the viewer feel like they have met these characters before.

I wish I could discuss more, but I don’t want to take away from the film. One thing I did interesting though was the social commentary on the war on drugs and the satirical way in which the movie (the book) treats the issue. The hopelessness of our society, and the way the government sometimes sacrifices a few for the “benefit” of the majority also played a role in making this movie something you think about rather than just watch and enjoy. When a movie like this would have usually focused on action scenes and explosions, this film tackles mostly existentialism, human hopelessness, and the sacrifices a society makes.

Must Watch.

Movie Review – Batman vs Robin (2015)

Batman vs Robin Review

What is with these new Batman movies and people actually dying? Sheesh. I just finished watching Batman vs. Robin. In essence it’s a father’s tale while exploring a few teenage issues, pretty crazy if you ask me. We get to explore some of Batman’s issues being a father, on the other hand we see Damian rebelling from the standpoint of questioning Batman’s no killing policy. Altogether it is a nice follow up on Son of Batman (I can’t believe I never wrote a review about it, thought I had). The story covers the secret Court of Owls, which I was not familiar with. I was enthused by how it made a play on some real life mysteries. Didn’t know Batman featured them. Apparently the movie is loosely based on the Batman graphic novel by the same name: Court of Owls.

I did enjoy the film, plenty of action to go around. The fight scenes were off the chain; they were probably the main thing I enjoyed. The fight scenes did not have the typical fast movements and comicky wham bam moments. They were well choreographed, well drawn and almost heavy with weight. I know that’s a weird description but that’s the best way I can illustrate.

One thing I could complain about is the title; it is a bit misleading. The only real fight or friction between father and son lasts all of two minutes. It doesn’t really take away from the movie being good though. I like how they continued the story line of Damian and his training from the last DVD movie. My favorite character was Talon, although for a quick second I had expected to see more of Dollmaker. It’s so difficult talking about this movie without getting into spoiler alert domain, so I’m not even going to venture down that path. All I know is I would recommend this film to any hero movie buffs, and anyone who likes Batman in general. It’s a killer.

Movie Review – Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015)


It’s Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, Nightwing and Red Robin vs. Penguin and the Animilitia plus a pack of metallic animals. Before we even get into the whole review, the truth about this film is that it’s for kids. It’s a kiddie movie and I will not even attempt to treat it as if it is for grownups.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t watch it, or only watch it with family and invite your toddlers friends over for them all to enjoy it. Nice introduction to Batman as a character, if you are a kid that has never seen anything else.

Other than that the plot was very juvenile, many of the ways in which the characters dealt with situations were basically pulled out of thin air. Not even one bit of explanation or logical parameters. It was just like being creative as a kid. Randomly, you decide that this robot, who wants to kill you, suddenly turns into motorcycle and helps you escape from a bad situation; and that is exactly what happens, because you are a kid and you decided it that way. The whole movie is made up of situations where one second the Hero is powerless and the next second he is kicking ass. This is typically how Hero movies go, the problem is when there is no change or process between the struggle and the kicking ass. Basically he just decided the enemies couldn’t hurt him anymore?

I wish it had been a little bit more grown up like the last two animated films. Guess kiddos need something for them too.

Oh, also maybe I could say the voice acting was good? But I didn’t come to the movie for that.

Overlook this one. Keep on Gaming.