Monthly Archives: May 2016

There’s something to be excited about

Well despite everything. At least I managed to post a video on YouTube the other day. I’m still celebrating that. 🙂


A Little Bit Annoyed With Self

Missed my run today. Who would have guessed. I took an impromptu “nap” and then couldn’t wake up in time. Or actually let’s just say I didn’t wake up with the feeling, because to be honest time is never really an excuse for something you want to do. Evidence? It’s almost 2 a.m. and I’m writing this post.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make up for it by running a bit more than what was planned. I mean I am only supposed to meet 19 miles this week. Of which I have already hit almost 4. 5 days to go, 15 miles to go; I can make this happen.

Also still stressed about general life issues. Man, those things don’t really help your other goals.

I Don’t Even Know

So in these last weeks lots have happened. Having this new phone has allowed me to document everything better.

It started with a little running about a week ago. This last weekend I actually participated in my first official 5K. That was crazy exciting. (Read: I’m currently proceeding to getting addicted” 

I finished successfully and with a time which was not too awful for someone just beginning. This served as crazy encouragement to keep it up. So today, Monday I ran again. 

Not bad at all. I will get better. I’ve been struggling with a few things in mind these last few weeks and working out plus running have been my distraction de-stressing activities. I’m thinking about registering for another 5K in about 3 weeks. Let’s see why actually happens. 

Was trying to encourage someone I love to start a YouTube channel or blog. Their life is much more exciting than mine so I think people would appreciate lots. What do you feel is better? Or what would be the perfect balance between the two?

Let me know what you think and more. 

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