I already feel a bit older

It’s been almost a week past my birthday on April 17. How did I spend it? You ask. I went to Bogotá, Colombia with someone I truly love and value.

On the way back I had some time to reflect on what I want for my life and what I’m doing to make that happen. Lately it feels like not much but that’s destined to change. I will work hard to make sure it happens.

I can feel the age in my body and I don’t like it. Workouts are getting harder, I’m sleepy, and I’ve dealt with many medical situations this last year – mostly physical injury. How do we overcome this. I don’t know but one thing is true; I will accept it as a truth and learn to work through it. That phrase I’d like to coin.

Downloaded two apps this week I’d highly recommend: Nike+ Running and Anchor. More on them later.

Did my first run this morning before work. I was too tired too soon but I ran for 20 min and that was the goal.

Always set up achievable goals.

Counteracted all that workout once my coworkers took me to Mama Rosa for pizza. It was delicious.


Way to celebrate. I want abs; I don’t see how this helps. Have a great day. Hit me up on: Instagram and Twitter. Boom! Let’s grow.


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