Movie Review – Batman vs Robin (2015)

Batman vs Robin Review

What is with these new Batman movies and people actually dying? Sheesh. I just finished watching Batman vs. Robin. In essence it’s a father’s tale while exploring a few teenage issues, pretty crazy if you ask me. We get to explore some of Batman’s issues being a father, on the other hand we see Damian rebelling from the standpoint of questioning Batman’s no killing policy. Altogether it is a nice follow up on Son of Batman (I can’t believe I never wrote a review about it, thought I had). The story covers the secret Court of Owls, which I was not familiar with. I was enthused by how it made a play on some real life mysteries. Didn’t know Batman featured them. Apparently the movie is loosely based on the Batman graphic novel by the same name: Court of Owls.

I did enjoy the film, plenty of action to go around. The fight scenes were off the chain; they were probably the main thing I enjoyed. The fight scenes did not have the typical fast movements and comicky wham bam moments. They were well choreographed, well drawn and almost heavy with weight. I know that’s a weird description but that’s the best way I can illustrate.

One thing I could complain about is the title; it is a bit misleading. The only real fight or friction between father and son lasts all of two minutes. It doesn’t really take away from the movie being good though. I like how they continued the story line of Damian and his training from the last DVD movie. My favorite character was Talon, although for a quick second I had expected to see more of Dollmaker. It’s so difficult talking about this movie without getting into spoiler alert domain, so I’m not even going to venture down that path. All I know is I would recommend this film to any hero movie buffs, and anyone who likes Batman in general. It’s a killer.


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