Movie Review – Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts (2015)


It’s Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, Nightwing and Red Robin vs. Penguin and the Animilitia plus a pack of metallic animals. Before we even get into the whole review, the truth about this film is that it’s for kids. It’s a kiddie movie and I will not even attempt to treat it as if it is for grownups.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t watch it, or only watch it with family and invite your toddlers friends over for them all to enjoy it. Nice introduction to Batman as a character, if you are a kid that has never seen anything else.

Other than that the plot was very juvenile, many of the ways in which the characters dealt with situations were basically pulled out of thin air. Not even one bit of explanation or logical parameters. It was just like being creative as a kid. Randomly, you decide that this robot, who wants to kill you, suddenly turns into motorcycle and helps you escape from a bad situation; and that is exactly what happens, because you are a kid and you decided it that way. The whole movie is made up of situations where one second the Hero is powerless and the next second he is kicking ass. This is typically how Hero movies go, the problem is when there is no change or process between the struggle and the kicking ass. Basically he just decided the enemies couldn’t hurt him anymore?

I wish it had been a little bit more grown up like the last two animated films. Guess kiddos need something for them too.

Oh, also maybe I could say the voice acting was good? But I didn’t come to the movie for that.

Overlook this one. Keep on Gaming.


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