A Sample of True Kindness

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

We are typically used to hearing of a stranger lending another money, or an umbrella, or picking up something that you dropped, maybe even letting you cut in while in traffic. <—— Yeah that last one, I’m doubtful if that ever happens in real life

This story is not the sort. Not as simple in the least. I remember one true incident of kindness in my life, and it happened when I moved to Kentucky for an internship. It was legitimately difficult, as I’m sure is expected by the hosts of the Southwestern Advantage Experience. For the next summer vacation I would be marketting, selling, and doing accounting for these educational products. What a blast. 😐

That’s just the background though. Part of the internship/leadership building experienced was managing to find somewhere to live. We could rent with our earnings and so on or find another living arrangement. We decided to ask locals to help us out. Not such a great idea for 2 semi tall black guys and one white american all up in Kentucky riding in a car with Florida tags. To be honest, I wouldn’t even have let myself in the door.

Somehow after knocking on many doors and getting a couple of slams and no’s! one person offered to take care of us.

Let’s call her Cammy. The best second mom I have ever had. She opened her door not only to me but to my teammates as well. Now she had 3 guys and her own high school senior living under her roof. That summer, I learned more than enough about myself, but also that people can be truly kind in this day and age.


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