Monthly Archives: April 2014

This Week So Far

Diet could be better, mood is great, week is happening in a way I can´t explain, so I´m enjoying the ride.

Monday I worked out. It was rather grueling. I need to go back. So I attempted to bench 135 lb again. I was actually successful but part of what makes it scary or makes me not try as much is that I need spotter. I´m not so confident in my strength when it comes to chest and shoulder exercises because my arms aren´t crazy strong yet, and my right shoulder locks up every now and then.

Contrary to what most people do for their workouts for a day I kinda just jump on anything that´s free, while listening to my body for it to tell me what comes next. It´s difficult for me to  do a consistent workout routine. So my workout monday consisted of:

  • Push Ups
  • Benchpress
  • Iso Lateral Bench Presses
  • Inclined Bench Presses
  • Standing Shoulder Presses
  • Trap Bar Deadlifts

Um what? Yeah I did say trap bar deadlifts. I had never seen the bar in the gym before so I decided to take it for a spin. Loaded it with 180 plus the weight of the bar itself and went to town. It actually feels rather good to have your shoulders, back and chest all sore at the same time. Part of the reason I felt like I had to do deadlifts is because I´ve been spending too much time sitting or in front of a computer, because of that sometimes my lower back feels kinda weak, and it starts hurting. So I figured why not rough it up a little and make it hurt for a good cause.

Just finished reading Maze Runner, what a crazy book. I seriously didn´t expect it to be this good. Specially not with the type of writing the author uses. Yet this particular author has exceptional skills when it comes to story telling. Make sure you come check my review of the book soon. I was mad excited because my friend Holly actually agreed to read it with me. It seems like something impossible to find someone to do that with these days (I havent really tried, but really, who wants to read books together… besides apparently Holly and I).

On the blog side of things… Daaaamn son! I hit some ridiculous milestones in the last couple of days. First March turned into the first month that I got over 500 views. Then right after that… booom! I beat all those views in one day on April 1st with about 793 views in one day. What? Insanity.. but I was on a writers high for a bit. I guess it was just one of those days, but it felt really exciting to have that many people check out my gaming blog.

Well, Hopefully I can keep on writing on this one steadily and it will eventually grow as has the gaming blog.