3/23/2014 Life Update

Wow I haven’t posted on the blog for a while. I guess maybe focusing on one blog is a lot easier, specially when my gaming site has one specific topic/community.

That aside, I feel really strongly about young people industrious and trying to go against a system that trains us to be laborers, while attempting to do their own thing, in this case run their own business. Last week I found out that my friend Stef B. was opening her own business, a hair salon with some smaller services attached. I promptly volunteered to go to her place and helped her hook it up. Installing TVs, sweeping, putting up furniture.

I felt really good volunteering some of my energy to a purpose outside of myself. Specially a new business, at the same time it really served as a great opportunity to learn from someone who is really doing it live; something I truly value.

On the other hand with work I am trying to do so much, I feel like there is not enough time in the day to get all my tasks and little self missions done. One thing I started was a small blog for my class. I posted some pretty good material, but I don’t know if my students have checked it out. I hope they do, it’s really helpful stuff.

At school I am having a difficult time assimilating to the education in Panama. Education here really sucks, the professors see students as their competition, so logically they don’t want to prepare you as best as they can. How could they, they don’t get paid enough as engineers or professors. I can’t wait to move out of this foolishness. It’s a little frustrating when you are paying for an education and no one is giving you any of that.

Yesterday I started reading Maze Runner, I’m on page 45. I will make sure I post a review when I’m done. It’s so good so far, and really short. If you are a fan or you really liked Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, or Lord of the Flies this seems like it will be a really good book for you, and it is also getting turned into a motion picture soon.

Anyways today I posted a small video about my small vacation to Bocas del Toro about two weeks ago. It was awesome but too short. Now I’m back to the same ole same ole.


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