Valentine’s Day, Glad it’s Gone

Want a summary of my valentine’s day?

I had to wake up mad early for a work seminar on leadership, during the seminar I texted back n forth with a really beautiful girl, a beautiful girl that I can’t hug because she lives mad far.

Had to walk mad long to take a bus, on my way to the university an angry bird took a huge dump on the middle of my head (luckily I don’t have an afro anymore), I had to buy bottled water off a street vendor and ask for napkins to take care of that.

Met up with the one of the most beautiful girls I know in Panama… while her boyfriend came along… to study for one of the most difficult exams I’ve ever taken. I took the damn exam, my cell phone and whatsapp application decided to act up so I had to be rather honest on the exam, 3 hrs later I will be mad excited if I get a 65% on Hydrology Test 1.

Just got home, and about to watch a movie and/or play video games.. Oh yeah.. Alone, cus I’m single. Happy Valentine’s Day? I guess it is.. because my sister made cupcakes.


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