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2/17/2014 My Day in a Nutshell

So.. education in my university sucks, every one cheats.

I try not to but in order to not antagonize I might help other’s out, that’s still facilitating cheating.

The professor walks out of the classroom on purpose multiple times during the exam.

Oh and did I mention the professor hand-wrote the exam 15 minutes before coming late to class? Maybe he knew that his exam was unbeatable without cheating.

Still I managed to finish that exam without cheating, or asking for other’s assistance, and not feeling like I failed. Feeling like it was a good day.

Also my aunt let me take a power nap in her office before I headed to school for the test. Thanks aunt, you are awesome!


Yesterday, Didn’t Do Much

Yesterday I didn’t really do much. What I did do though was watch Ender’s Game (2013) and that inspired me to start reading the book. I knew about the book ever since the 9th grade, when inside my literature textbook, I stumbled onto the short story that inspired it. I had never felt inspired to read it, but after seeing how great the movie was, I couldn’t help myself.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Now on pag. 69 (tehehe) I can’t help but want to continue. The book is not that long. It lends itself to fast reading. The movie followed a lot of the content in the book, which is very surprising. It only has around 200 pages on my version. So I should be finishing soon. Another part of the inspiration was that it’s a military-recommended read for some branches. I do want to work for the Air Force one day. Review of the book and movie coming soon.

Also yesterday I played The Plan for the first time. I love how these Indie Games are getting more and more creative with how they communicate their story and their meaning to the end user. It was definitely a memorable experience, full of wonder and thought. You can read my short review here.

Sigh.. I am mad tired. Working this new job is exhausting. I leave the house everyday at 5am and don’t come back until 10pm or 11pm. Wish I could make money blogging instead. But that is just a dream at this time.

Thanks for liking my stuff. Have a nice day.

Valentine’s Day, Glad it’s Gone

Want a summary of my valentine’s day?

I had to wake up mad early for a work seminar on leadership, during the seminar I texted back n forth with a really beautiful girl, a beautiful girl that I can’t hug because she lives mad far.

Had to walk mad long to take a bus, on my way to the university an angry bird took a huge dump on the middle of my head (luckily I don’t have an afro anymore), I had to buy bottled water off a street vendor and ask for napkins to take care of that.

Met up with the one of the most beautiful girls I know in Panama… while her boyfriend came along… to study for one of the most difficult exams I’ve ever taken. I took the damn exam, my cell phone and whatsapp application decided to act up so I had to be rather honest on the exam, 3 hrs later I will be mad excited if I get a 65% on Hydrology Test 1.

Just got home, and about to watch a movie and/or play video games.. Oh yeah.. Alone, cus I’m single. Happy Valentine’s Day? I guess it is.. because my sister made cupcakes.